Winter round up 2014 – Overland Track here we come!

Lots of things have been happening around the Our Hiking Blog household.

After moving into our new home about 12 months ago the dust is finally settling. This weekend the garden went in and NEXT weekend we finally head off for a long awaited winter trip on the Overland Track in Tasmania. Heading from north to south, allowing six nights we are taking our middle daughter Hannah on her first Tassie hike. She  had a bit of experience hiking a few years back with Wollongarra, completing a section of the Australian Alps Walking Track. She is the last of our three children to walk the Overland.

It has been almost 3 years since we set out on a trip in Tasmania in Winter. That is far too long. This video and article will remind you of our trip into the Western Arthur’s in Tasmania’s south west. Great trip, in retrospect…..

This video also tells the story:

 Gear for the Overland Track

We have updated a fair bit of gear for this trip. We are trying to reduce our pack weight. While age is being kind to us so far, carrying 20+ kg is not fun.

In addition to a new hat for Frank we have each updated to an Aarn pack , saving around 1.5kg each. We also updated to light weight Sea to Summit sleeping bags. (saving 300g-500g each)

Two kg saving to our baseweight equates to not carrying a 2 litre milk container for the whole 85km, winning! (gear reports to follow)

Getting geared up with a new hat

Getting geared up with a new hat

We were also blessed with our first grandchild, Elliot Thomas  three months ago. What a fantastic addition to our family and he has already been on his first camping trip. Clare and Jay are both outdoors people and Clare has a terrific site called, well, The Life of Clare! Here is the article about camping with the Reilly’s.

Connecting with people 

We recently updated the look and feel of Our Hiking Blog. It is now mobile, tablet as well as web enhanced. We hope it is a much easier reading experience for the thousands of people who read our information on their phone or iPad.  It may interest you that 40% of people who visit our site do so on a portable device. Who said a phone is just a phone!

Over at Facebook there has been a lot of action on the Our Hiking Blog  page – please join us there and like the page. We share interesting stuff from across the hiking world, post fun things we find around the globe and have great chats with our readers. It is also a place where you can share your trips or ask questions of our 600 plus followers.

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